Hours of Operation?


Q: What are your office hours?

A: Our Fort Worth, Corsicana and Granbury offices are open Monday - Fridays 9-5pm. We are closed on all major holdiays.



Q: What does LKCM stand for??

A: Luther King Capital Management. Our family of radio stations is known as LKCM Media which is independently owned by LKCM in Fort Worth, Texas.

iHeart Radio?


Q: Why aren't you on iHeart Radio?

A: Because iHeart Radio is a totally different company that we are not owned by. We are thankful to be independently owned and operated by good people who work and live in our community. Please visit www.959TheRanch.com, www.1069TheRanch.com or 921HankFM.com to listen online or download our apps for your Apple or Android smart phones.

Request Line?


Q: What's the number for you request lines?

A: 95.9 The Ranch - 817-877-1959

106.9 The Ranch - 903-872-1069

92.1 Hank FM - 817-877-1921



Q: Why can't I hear you?

A: Radio signals are a tricky thing. So here's a graphical map to help show you where our signal is strongest and where you may need to switch to our radio apps... CLICK HERE



Q: Do you offer tours?

A: Sometimes... we do offer tours of our Fort Worth office during our regular business hours Mon-Fri 9-5pm by request. Send an e-mail to: ContactUs@TheRanchRadio.com

Why Advertise?


Q: Why should I advertise on the radio?

A: Because "Radio Gets Results".... 

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