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App Sponsorships

More and more of our listeners are tuning into our stations using our Apps designed for Apple & Android smart phones to listen to their favorite stations while on trips, at the office, by the pool or just outside of our signal's reach. Make your logo or message the first thing listeners see when they click their Radio Apps! Contact us today to learn more about this unique way to reach new customers.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1 and 106.9

Christmas Music Sponsorships

The best gift you can give your customers is the gift of a Merry Christmas! Share recorded Christmas greetings and help bring a commercial free holiday season this year. Contact us today for the latest Christmas Music Sponsorship Package.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1, 106.9 and 95.5

DJ Endorsements

Let our DJ's  promote your brand in their own unique way that speaks to the desired audience and potential new clients. DJ Endorsements help to bring an authentic voice to your business with personal experience stories, plenty of on air mentions and much more! Contact us today so we can match the perfect DJ to your business.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1, 106.9 and 95.5

Event Sponsorships

Sponsor or join us as at the next major event coming to your community.

Check out our list of Events that we are a part of each year... CLICK HERE

Event Vendor

Sell and promote your products in person at our next expo or major event! As a bonus, you'll also receive exposure on the webpage for the event and on air mentions when we promote it. Contact us today for the latest details about our next big community focused event or all day festival with vendor spaces.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1, 106.9 and 95.5

Prize Partner

Create on air excitement by partnering with our stations to giveaway major custom prize packages (ex: A vacation giveaway, A new car, unique dining or entertainment experiences, VIP tickets and more). Contact us today for a list of available Prize Partnerships or any ideas you have that'll help promote your business or event.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1, 106.9 and 95.5

Promotional Merch Partner

Our stations engage hundreds of thousands of people during the year. Brand yourself along with the station on the free giveaways listeners keep (ex: T-Shirts, Koozies, Fans, Cups, Pens, Keychains, Bandanas, Frisbees, Bottle Openers, Hats, Bumper Stickers and more). Contact us today for prices and brand opportunities.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1,106.9 and 95.5

Show Sponsorships

Become a Show Sponsor to help support the shows that help to showcase and give a voice to the singers and songwriters who live in our community, while also branding your business as a "Proud Supporter of Texas Music". Contact us today for the latest list of shows that are available to sponsor.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1,106.9 and 95.5

Vehicle Sponsorships

Our stations combined travel to more than 700 events in a year. At each event our vehicles are prominently displayed and act as a rolling billboard. Promote your company everywhere in North Texas by adding your logo and branding yourself along with our stations down every road that we travel. Contact us today for details and availability.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1,106.9 and 95.5

Weather Sponsorships

It’s been said, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait an hour'. Because weather changes quickly around these parts, our stations work hard to keep listeners updated with the current weather conditions every hour throughout the day, Monday - Friday. Contact us today to find out how you can become the EXCLUSIVE sponsor of weathercasts in the area your customers live.

*Available for 95.9, 92.1,106.9 and 95.5

Website Sponsorships

Computers and smart phones are EVERYWHERE... so why wouldn't you want to advertise online? Our stations can help to promote your digital presence in a multitude of ways that will link our listeners to your website, Facebook page or even your physical business thanks to embedded maps and phone number links that work directly with smart phones.  Contact us today for a available website content that can be sponsored (ex: Concert Calendar, Events Page, Pet of the Week Page, Twitter Feeds, Website Takeovers and more).

*Available for 95.9, 92.1,106.9 and 95.5

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